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Pressure Cooker
Essential item for home and outdoor activities due to outstanding functionality.
As it is very practical product, it can be utilized for various leisure activities such as fishing, camping and hiking, etc..

Multipurpose functionality (including lid)
You can enjoy various dishes at home or outdoors because the lid can be utilized as a pot. This pressure cooker can be also used as pot. When using it as pot, it is possible to incline the lid of pot on right side or left side.
Existing pot is not sanitary because the lid should be put on the floor when boiling foods are overflowed. However, you don’t have to put the lid on the floor when boiling foods are overflowed. You can just incline the cooker to the side at about 1/3.

Enough size
It is suitable for home or travel as the product is for the size of 7~8 persons. It is very convenient to store and it is easy to utilize the space because the handle is foldable. Also, it is convenient to carry when moving.

Simple one touch lid
One touch lid can be opened and closed with one hand. Thus it is very convenient to open and close at any direction because opening and closing are available at 360°.
Strong aluminum material- It is light and strong with excellent thermal conduction due to special aluminum material + Stainless steel.

Exchangeable silicone handle – It protects the hands as it is made of soft silicone material. when it is burnt, caused by fire, it is replaceable because it can be attached and detached
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