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[DP27.5] 27.5cm Gold Diamond Double Pan
Special silicone backing
Convenient oil drip pan
Strong non-stick diamond coating
Strong neodymium magnet
* Special silicone backing: The border is treated with special silicone backing to hold the internal pressure and promote fast cooking.

* Convenient oil drip pan: Oil and water drop down to the drip pan when opening the upper pan, so the whold kitchen can be kept clean and both sides of the pan can be used for length period of time.

* Strong non-stick diamond coating: The inside of the pan is diamond-coated to provide excellent non-stick function

* Strong neodymium magnet: Neodymuim magnet is installed for convenience and holding the handle to raise the pressure.

* Food is cooked well at the medium fire thanks to constant heat conductivity and high heat efficiency.
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