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제목 Kaki Shampoo
작성자 관리자 등록일 2020.06.28 조회수 5104
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Kaki is a product that contains 40 to 45% of the fermented undiluted solution aged for more than two years. Two years of fermentation and nano-maturation processes produce new metabolites that have the amazing effect of bio-convergence in natural materials

Added with sulfur having 3000 times the concentration of sulfurous hot spring and the collaboration with amino acids, you can see that after seven days or so of a minute of shampooing and massaging in the evening, rinsing, and drying, most of the scalp trouble improves and disappears.

As the effects of treatment and healing continue, the cleansing of the scalp begins after four weeks (28 days), during which the skin and the scalp are replaced. The continuous use of the product will help prevent and stop hair loss, as well as fundamentally prevent scalp trouble.
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