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제목 Automatic Dispenser
작성자 관리자 등록일 2021.04.14 조회수 96
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We would like to introduce Automatic Untact Dispenser Holder which is [Untouch items needed in the era of untact] When you put disinfectant on, press it automatically.

You don't need a private container or just one size container. You can use almost every product on the market.

If the diameter of the dispenser cap is at least 26∅ to 36∅, all can be installed.

If the length from the lower part of the dispenser cap to the uppermost pressing part is 65mm, it can be installed.

Some large diameter or long dispensers such as cafe syrup pumps cannot be used.

The small size is convenient and includes a magnet, so it can be used in various ways.

When using wired, connect the power adapter, and when using wirelessly, insert 4 AA batteries. Since it can be connected with a USB-C type power source, you can connect it with an auxiliary battery and use it wirelessly.

It's difficult to buy a refillable product and change it without having to refill it.

You just have to leave it in a crowded place, a prominent place, a seat in the office.

It can be used more conveniently by supplementing the disadvantages of the existing dispenser.
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